Jim vs. Swimming

Hot day, good day to be in a pool. Finished my ten laps in 21:57.


Jim vs. KB/BW Hybrid, Week 5, Day 1

This was a damned mess.

Kettlebell combat complex x 2
KB snatch x 5, KB clean and press x 5
Repeat w/ other hand
Goblet squat x 10
Goblet reverse lunge x 5/5
KB clean pull x 5, KB row x 5
Repeat w/ other hand
KB swings x 10

Supersets x 3 of:
Hindu push-ups x 15
Mixed-grip pull-ups x sub-max (9-7-5-5)
Bear crawls forward & back, 25ft each way

Run 1/2 mile

There wasn’t a bit of this I didn’t scale back: I only did two rounds of the complex to preserve my lower back, I only did three supersets of the next part because by the third one my arms couldn’t hold me up on the bear crawls anymore, and I only ran a half miles because I barely had gas left in that tank to do that much.

Finished in 25:03, and was wrecked by it. Damn.

Jim vs. Yoga

Managed to get up for the 7am class again! It is good.

Jim vs. KB/BW Hybrid, Week 4, Day 3

Yoga didn’t happen this morning, so I did this instead.

AMRAP in 25 minutes of:
Handstand push-ups (feet on box) x 3
Recline ring rows x 10
Ring push-ups x 10
Ab wheel roll-outs x 5
KB snatch x 5/5
Double KB  farmers walk x 100 ft

I got within a rounding error of nine full rounds this time, by which I mean I had 30 feet left of the ninth KB farmers walk when the buzzer rang. Definite improvement.

Jim vs. Swimming

I changed up the break times today, but still finished in 21:49. It felt tougher, though. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? Who can say? Whatever, I swam.

Jim vs. KB/BW Hybrid, Week 4, Day 2

This went better than last week’s, I think.

Turkish get-ups, 2 per side, nonstop for 5 minutes – 19 total

Supersets x 3 of:
1-arm KB snatches x 5/5
1-arm KB clean & press x 5/5
1-arm KB row x 5/5

Double KB front squats, 3 x 8

Supersets x 2 of:
Recline ring rows x max (12-9)
Push-ups x max (20-14)
Ab wheel roll-outs x max (15-12)

I finished in 21:11, almost exactly the same as last week, but I did more reps across the board: 4 more Turkish get-ups, 8 more recline rows, 10 more push-ups, and 6 more ab wheel roll-outs. I am pleased.

Jim vs. KB/BW Hybrid, Week 4, Day 1

Apparently I have something of a history of not finishing this one, but I got through it today.

Double  KB clean, squat, and press, 5 x 5

Renegade row & push-up combo, 4 x 6

Superset x 3 of:
Double KB overhead walk x 100ft
Double KB farmers walk x 100ft 

1-arm KB crunches, 2 x 5/5

Superset x 2 of:
Jump rope x 250
Burpees x 15
KB swings x 10

I finished in 32:40, which is about three minutes slower than the last time I got through the whole thing, but I got through the whole thing.  Was laid out afterwards, but I’ll take it.