Jim vs. Running

Dragged myself out of bed and ran a mile.

Jim vs. KB Deadlifts

Doing a strength workout at home today. Is it really light? Yes it is!

Kettlebell deadlifts
35 x 10
35 x 10
35 x 10
35 x 10

But I didn’t injure my back!

Jim vs. Running

I was right about my legs being so, which made it pretty rude of me to go on my first run in two months this morning. But I did an untimed half mile.

From a cardiovascular standpoint, it was no problem. My back felt a little more tender, maybe, but it’s also first thing in the morning. I have a feeling I’m gonna be aware of that part of my lower back first thing in the morning for the rest of my life; I did my press-ups before and after the run, and we’ll see how things go today.

Jim vs. Back Squats

OK, time to give this weightlifting thing a try.

Back squats
95 x 5
115 x 5
135 x 5
125 x 5
105 x 5

That was light, but I have a feeling I’m gonna be sore tomorrow, and the day after that. But what I didn’t do was re-aggravate my back, so that’s spectacular.

Jim vs. Swimming

I decided to shorten my rests between laps today, and it went pretty well! Up until now, I’d been resting for the remainder of whatever minute was in progress when I finished my lap, and then resting another minute, before starting the next one. Today, I did this:

  • If there were more than 30 seconds left in the minute when I finished the lap, I just rested until the end of that minute before starting my next lap.
  • If there were fewer than 30 seconds left in the minute when I finished the lap, I rested until the end of that minute, plus 30 more seconds.

I also made an correction to my front crawl that improved my speed. Taken together, I finished my 14 lengths in around 16 minutes, instead of 21.

Jim vs. A Light Workout

On Friday I got cleared for everything by my physical therapist! That being said, I decided to be prudent today, and start working in new stuff next week.

Jim vs. Swimming

Did 14 lengths again. Instead of doing 2×7, I did 2-2-3-3-2-2, which I thought would making things go faster but actually didn’t. If I wanna cut time, I just need to shorten the rests.