Jim vs. Another Light Workout

Same thing as Sunday.

Jim vs. Running

Went out and ran a mile.

Jim vs. Another Light Workout

Same thing as Friday.

Jim vs. A Light Workout

Pretty sure I’ve got sciatica, at this juncture. Got home last night, did a light workout this morning. I added in 30 seconds at the bottom of the squat each round, and substituted slow KB deadlifts for the swings.

Jim vs. Hiking

This is the post wherein I note that I’ve done a ton of hiking this trip, often lugging very large suitcases. May it not be forgotten.

Jim vs. Running, Push-Ups, Squats

A little workout while we’re in Bergen.

4 rounds, not for time:
push-ups x 15
squats x 20
run 3 minutes

Lovely day for it.

Jim vs. Running

I probably should’ve noted all the fragging of heavy suitcases earlier this week, but whatever. Today I set a timer for seven minutes, ran until it beeped, and then turned around and ran back the way I came.