Jim vs. Kettlebell Swings

This one’s from Judd via Janaki:

Kettlebell swings, 35lbs x 100

Didn’t do it for time, but I did it. My schedule won’t allow me to get to Teagle at all this week, which means I’ll only have gotten one barbell day in the whole month of March, which is frustrating. Gonna try to be creative with the home workouts, or at least different.

Jim vs. Yoga

Pretty sure this was my first yoga class as a 40 year old. It went fine.

Jim vs. DB Shoulder Press

The hotel gym didn’t leave me with many options, but at least I did something.

Dumbbell shoulder press
30s x 5
40s x 5
50s x 5
45s x 4
35s x 5


Jim vs. Turkish Get-Ups

Home workout today, prepping for travel.

Turkish get-ups
35 x `1 per side
35 x `1 per side
35 x `1 per side
35 x `1 per side
35 x `1 per side

Jim vs. KB Snatch & Jump Squats

Something other than snow.

For time
10, 8, 6, 4, 2 of:
kettlebell snatch, 35lb, right hand
kettlebell snatch, 35lb, left hand
jump squats

Finished in 3:26.

Jim vs. Snow (Part 3)

Nothing like the last two days, but still something: went out and cleared snow for a little more than half an hour. I am sore.

Jim vs. Snow (Part 2)

I said there was more to come, right? Today, I cleared snow for just under two hours.